Sia Sola

50 ancient Egyptian temples… Resolve their curse! Red and green need to change positions, but up to eight grey guards block their way. Each step you take is answered by the step of a guard – you’re caught within a labyrinth of moving walls!

Sia Sola is a sliding block puzzle game with a novel and dynamical moving rule. You may move a stone if its way is blocked by a single guard only. But this causes the guard you’ve passed to swap its position, too. Hence, the labyrinth changed its shape! If you finally managed to interchange the position of the two big stones, you’re done. Can you do it with a minimum number of steps?

The game contains 50 levels of increasing difficulty. To get you into the game, a tutorial is included. While the first levels are introductory ones, most of the levels need some clues to be solved – and the last ones are really tricky! Yet there is a tale of secret levels to unlock, barely solvable by a mortal mind… May Sia, Egyptian goddess of cleverness, guide you through this challenging puzzle!


sia sola