Atomic Blaster

Aliens are attacking your homeland. Too bad, there is no hero around except you! Take your Spaceship and show these Invaders some Laser Blasts! Atomic Blaster is an action-packed, breath-taking Spaceshooting Simulation. You will experience Visuals and special effects you have never seen on a cell phone before. Get on board, load your Blaster and save the universe. It´s all up to you, Captain! 

Level1: In the depth of space nobody will hear you scream. The Invasion Forces are numerous, but we believe you will be able to handle them. Though there might be some surprises waiting for you in the darkness of space. Be prepared!

Level2: Welcome to Alien Homeland! Its a dirty and nasty world. Almost the whole surface is covered in liquid metal and the atmossphere is filled with sulphur. Can you survive in this hostile environment? Your enemy does! 

Level3: This is the dusk of space. If you fail here, all life in the universe will be doomed. Fly a direct attack against your enemys mothership. Detstroy it, and you might prevent the worst. But Beware! They will send everything out to stop you! 

Level4: You have done it! The mothership is a wreck. But there won´t be peace in the universe until you destroy what slumbers inside their motherships debris. Their mental entities are still awake and some day they will have regained even greater power. Kill them and bring eternal peace to the universe!




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